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The museum has rolling stock on display in two separate halls, in the main building and outside in the park. The material on display at the museum dates from 1861 to 1960. The two oldest locomotives are the Stephenson locomotives no. 16 and 17. Our vintage train with locomotive no. 17 ”Caroline”, has been fully renovated and can be seen in operation on certain special occasions.

Narrow gauge were the first type of tracks built in Norway, starting in 1862. At one time there were 1,055 kilometres of such tracks all around the country. From 1892 to 1908, a number of private railway lines were built using these narrow tracks. The museum has a small selection of locomotives and carriages from NSB’s “narrow track” period and a few from the private railway lines.

The museum has on display a number of passenger carriages built between 1861 and 1932. A 4th class carriage from the opening of The Norwegian Trunk Railway in 1854 represents possibly one of the worst transportation alternatives ever offered to Norwegian railway passengers. On the other end of the scale, you have the Royal Carriage, which despite its luxury is relatively spartan compared to what can be found at museums in other parts of the world.

The museum owns a number of goods wagons, only a couple of which are on display at the museum. The museum’s oldest restored goods wagon dates from 1889 and is part of the vintage train.

The museum has a variety of different types of railway vehicles, but only a few are on display.

The Norwegian Railway Museum owns much more rolling stock than what is on display at the museum. Much of the stock is stored at different sites, while others are in the possession of other railway museums, clubs and societies.

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